The Globe Life Field ADA Advisory Board Committee

The Globe Life Field ADA Advisory Board Committee is working to provide the best experience for all fans

By Madison Pelletier

As construction on Globe Life Field continues to progress toward a March 2020 opening date, design plans are being finalized. That includes designing a ballpark that is accessible for all fans.

Established in 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) created standards that prohibit discrimination against individuals with disabilities. Going above and beyond the ADA standards is the dedication of the Globe Life Field ADA Advisory Board.

“[Globe Life Field] has to meet the law, but I would be happy if they have taken some steps to go above and beyond and that they embrace, not just the letter of the law, but the whole spirit of the law, which I think we’re absolutely on track to do,” Accessology President and CEO Kristi Avalos said.

McKinney based Accessology is a consulting firm dedicated to solving access issues, not solely focused on ADA, but several other access related laws as well.

“I always try to draw the line between what they have to do [to follow the law] and what would be above and beyond,” Avalos said.

Avalos works alongside over a dozen committee members to form the Globe Life Field ADA advisory committee, all working to ensure the new ballpark goes beyond the law, and is accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

The advisory board is composed of members from diverse facets of the community, including representatives from the American Foundation for the Blind, Paralyzed Veterans of America and a former Fort Worth Police Officer, Lisa Ramsey, who became paraplegic in the line of duty.

“I always try to get people with a variety of different mobility impairments. Somebody in a manual wheelchair, versus somebody in a power wheelchair. They have different needs and different experiences when they try to go to events,” Avalos said.

Going above and beyond is a priority for both the Rangers and the HKS architect team. They meet with the advisory board to discuss issues that the board has experienced personally, and brainstorm ideas that have been beneficial in other venues.

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