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Plan Reviews

Accessology provides plan review services. Our service includes a complete review of construction documents for new or remodeled projects. Plans are reviewed to ensure they comply with all applicable facets of the state and federal standards. Doorways, turning radius, and interior and exterior paths of interior and exterior reach ranges are only a few of the elements reviewed and noted on a comprehensive report which is delivered to the client.

If full compliance cannot be achieved due to structural or technical infeasibilities, topographical issues, or disproportionate costs, then an approved variance must be in the file. Variances can only be approved by an authorized state agency, depending on the state where the work is being completed and if that state has a variance procedure.

Accessology has a staff of Registered Accessibility Specialists in Texas that will review all documents in accordance with the rules set forth by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

In Texas, we recommend Extended Service Contracts on plan reviews and inspection projects. For a fixed fee, we will attend construction or planning meetings, make on-site visits, perform a preliminary review and a preliminary inspection upon your request.