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Accessology is considered a national leader in providing accessibility consulting services and is dedicated solely to all facets of access compliance. While staying focused on access issues is vital to our firm, it also enables us to provide the best and most current information to our clients. We see this both as good business and good risk management for our clients.

ADA Training Courses

Events and Training

Accessology’s Roundtable Events and Training classes pave the way for organizations to have all of their questions answered and to have a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities to provide access for all under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

All Events and Training presented by Accessology are derived from extensive experience and provide guidance material, Q&A programs, ideas on the implementation of the ADA and Section 504 requirements along with credit fulfillments for a variety of professionals.

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ADA Transition Plans

Transition Plans

Accessology’s primary business is the development of comprehensive ADA/504 Transition Plans for Title II entities. A Title II entity is any state and local government entity. We have completed dozens of successful comprehensive ADA Transition Plans that have provided guidance to Title II entities for almost 30 years.

Accessology believes if an entity spends the money for a Transition Plan, the data collected should be provided in any number of formats so that the data can be used in other applications as well as for part of their economic growth strategies. Accessology can perform all aspects of developing a comprehensive ADA Transition Plan.

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Accessology provides accessibility consulting services to architects, contractors, designers, building owners, schools, universities, municipalities, counties, state agencies, commercial lenders and other clients throughout the nation. Our team has expert knowledge on the Americans with Disabilities Act and its Accessibility Guidelines, Fair Housing, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Texas Accessibility Standards, California Building Code and requirements as well as other state and federal accessibility laws and standards. From Fortune 500 companies to small town building owners, we are a sought after national leader in accessibility consulting.

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ADA Events and Roundtables


Accessology offers a FREE ADA Roundtable to any interested entity. An ADA Roundtable is everything you need, from beginning to end, on how to develop a successful ADA Transition Plan. We can conduct a Roundtable just for your entity or you can invite other entities that might be interested to ensure the whole community gets this essential information.

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