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Accessology offers a FREE ADA Transition Plan Roundtable to any interested entity.  Our Roundtables provide everything you need, from beginning to end, on how to develop a successful ADA Transition Plan. We can conduct a Roundtable just for your entity or you can invite other entities that might be interested to ensure the whole community gets this essential information.  Below are a couple of options to review.  If you are interested, click here and complete the Roundtable Form.

Option 1 – We can create the ADA Roundtable specifically for your agency. We would come in a day or two before, take a few local pictures and get a feel for what you may need, send you some preliminary information and tailor the presentation to you and your upper level staff members so your team can hear the same information at the same time and ask all the questions they want.  Before we come we will review your website looking for all of the things the Department of Justice might look for and present the information as part of the presentation.

To do this we need the following:

a.  A room with a projector
b.  The right people in the room

If you’re interested in doing this, please mark “Option 1” on the form when you click above.

Option 2 – We can create an ADA Roundtable for you and other entities in your community such as cities or towns near you, counties, state agencies, universities, school districts, etc. This will provide the same information noted above but will be a bit more general to cover the different entities. You can become the “host” of the event or have it “hosted” by a local entity. If you want to host it, and charge people to attend as a fundraiser, we have no issue with it. We will still present the information for free.

Sometimes local AIA Chapters or disability organizations want to host the event or sometimes a county or state agency might want to host it for all of their sub-recipients. That is entirely up to you.  In order to do this we need the following:

a.  A room with a projector
b.  A list of local agencies you think might be interested
c.  Help marketing the event

If you’re interested in doing this, please mark “Option 2” on the form when you click above.

Option 3 – BOTH. We can create one just for your agency as well as one for your community. They can be held on the same day (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) and even in the same room, or different days if that works better. To do so we would need the same things noted above. You can pick the time/day that would work best for your agency before we pursue marketing for the community meeting.

If you’re interested in doing this, please mark “Option 3” on the form when you click above.

While in your area we can also have a private meeting to discuss what you’re looking for and if there are any areas you would like us address specifically, like the questions you might have regarding how the different access laws interact with each other. This helps us answer questions throughout our presentation so they’re answered before they’re asked. Attendees seem to appreciate that.  We know these are generally very busy people so we want to make sure they hear what they need to hear and respect every minute they’re in the room.