02/27-29/2024 – Texas Recreation & Park Society State Institute – Galveston, TX

Kristi Avalos will present two sessions during this conference which will take place in Galveston, Texas on February 27 – 29, 2024. Kristi’s presentations will be on February 29th.

9:45 am – 10:45 am – “Tales from the Trails”

3:00 pm – 4:00 pm – “If You Can Do One Thing, Do This”

Tales from the Trails

This session highlights case studies from communities across the state that have successfully updated their outdoor developed areas (picnic areas, trails, and camping areas) to be ADA compliant. We will look at:

    – The impetus for initiating the project – a complaint, proactive to prevent complaints/litigation, or renovation.

    – The original unique challenges for each project.

    – What they tried and what ultimately worked.

    – If the project was handled in-house, out-sourced, or both.

    – The outcomes.


If you Can Do One Thing, Do This

Lately, the only thing sparser than your staffing seems to be your budget, but you’ve got a handful of renovation projects looming over your department. Some of those updates will lead to new ADA considerations, and that feels like the cherry on top of this stress sundae. When so many things are begging for your attention and effort, let us help you identify the low-hanging fruit when it comes to getting started with the ADA. As a bonus for those overachievers out there, for each topic we cover, we’ll also provide one thing you can do to go above and beyond the ADA.

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Feb 27 2024 - Feb 29 2024

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