9/19/19 – Training: Public Rights of Way

This workshop helps attendees understand the PROWAG requirements as well as the “spirit” of the law. We detail maintenance vs. alteration, how to achieve compliance with difficult site constraints, how to make  right  decisions  in  the  field  and  how  to  know  when  additional  help  is  needed.  This  class  is  very  technical in the design and installation of curb ramps and sidewalks in the public rights of way.

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Q:  Who needs this class?  
A:  Any member involved with the design, compliance, installation, maintenance and alteration of infrastructure in public rights of way.   Anyone who needs a deeper understanding of PROWAG requirements
The course will be held at 600 Six Flags Drive Arlington TX 76011, building CP3 (Centerpoint 3).
The room will be on the fourth floor, take the elevators and follow the signs to the left toward the classroom.
Xlass will begin at 8:30am and is a four hour course ending at 12:30pm.


Sep 19 2019


8:30 am - 12:30 pm

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