Webinar: Develop a Comprehensive ADA/504 Transition Plan for Your Entity

Webinar | 60 minutes 

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Beware: Accessibility Missteps Put Your Public Funding At Risk (Local/State/Federal)
Are you a public entity that is behind in completing a self-evaluation and transition plan? Are you asking yourself, “What is a self-evaluation and transition plan and/or where do I begin?”

All public entities subject to ADA Title II must complete a self-evaluation. Public entities with 50+ employees are required to have a transition plan in place that addresses structural changes necessary for achieving program accessibility. Discover the practical steps to get started on those essential tasks in this information-packed webinar by accessibility compliance expert Kristi Avalos.
After attending this instructive session, you will understand the four distinct parts of a compliant transition plan: the planning process, determining the execution plan, the evaluation process, and project management. You will be well equipped to create an ADA compliant transition plan that will ensure that individuals with disabilities are not excluded from programs, services and activities.


Oct 16 2018 - Dec 31 2019


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