09/03/2020 – TAS Process & Barrier Free Design – Webinar

Workshop held online via Zoom Webinars

8:30AM-12:30PM-(4 hours)

  • Barrier Free Design – As litigation rises nationwide, come learn what the most vulnerable areas are and how to protect yourself, your company, and your reputation from design through construction. See what others are doing wrong, and how to do it better. Understand how to manage the risks of compliance.
  • TAS Process – Learn how to understand the vital timetables and requirements under the State regulation for the building owner. TAS (Texas Accessibility Standards) requirements are NOT the same as federal “Americans with Disabilities ACT (ADA)” requirements. Learn what the differences are while understanding the importance of plan reviews and the inspection process. In this class, you will become aware of why our involvement early in the construction phase could benefit the project by pointing out costly revisions earlier than later.
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Workshop Sponsored and Facilitated by:
Accessology Too, LLC, Training and Development Institute, and North Texas Council of Governments


Sep 03 2020


8:30 am - 12:30 pm