12/14/2021 – ATS ADA & Barrier Free National Seminar – Live Interactive Webcast

Credits: 5 AIA HSW credits; 5 ADA credits

American Training Solutions (ATS) is providing this Continuing Education Online Seminar from noon to 5:20 pm CST on December 14, 2021. Kristi Avalos will be presenting from 3:20 pm to 5:20 pm on the following topic:

“Integrating Accessibility”

Session Overview

This course will help architects, engineers, and other design professionals improve their designs by learning strategies for incorporating access early in the planning phase. By applying ADA-compliant solutions that exceed the minimum standards without adding additional costs to the project, these professionals can avoid costly after-the-fact resolutions and protect themselves from potential access-related complaints or litigation. This course is a great introduction to the ADA Standards or as a refresher course for those with previous knowledge on the subject matter.

Prerequisite Knowledge:
Great for new or experienced professionals.

Learning Objective 1:
Participants will learn about the various state and federal accessibility laws, standards, and building codes that can apply to a project.

Learning Objective 2:
Participants will receive an overview of the ADA Standards.

Learning Objective 3:
Participants will learn how to identify interior and exterior elements during the planning phase, where planning for optimum access rather than minimum access reduces their risks of litigation, helps them avoid costly mistakes at construction, and can usually be incorporated without adding additional costs to the project.

Learning Objective 4:
Participants will learn the common mistakes to avoid with ADA compliance, including the most often missed access elements and the most vulnerable areas of compliance.

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Dec 14 2021


12:00 pm - 5:20 pm



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