12/01-02/2021 – Residential Accessibility: Designing for Multi-Family Housing – Webinar

Kristi Avalos will be presenting this two-day webinar from 8:30am to 12:15pm CST each day.

PART 1: Wednesday, December 1st (8:30am – 12:15pm CST with one 15-minute Break)

Development and Application of the Fair Housing Act Design Standards

–         An overview of various accessible housing standards and guidelines

–         Covering the laws and regulations that govern accessibility

–         Defining the types of housing addressed by ADA/ABA, ANSI, and FHA

–         Addressing housing discrimination towards individuals with disabilities and what’s prohibited by FHA

–         Reviewing Safe Harbors

FHA Requirement 1: Accessible Building Entrance on an Accessible Route

–         Site arrival points

–         Parking

–         Planning and elevation

–         Protecting exterior path of travel

–         Accessible entrances and gates

FHA Requirement 2: Accessible and Usable Public and Common Use Areas

–         Exterior public spaces and amenities

–         Interior common use areas and amenities

–         Examples like lobbies, fitness centers, recreational areas, mail kiosks, technology centers, restrooms, drinking fountains, swimming pools, grilling areas, and pet waste stations

–         Parking requirements at each amenity

FHA Requirements 3, 4, & 5

–         Usable doors: main entry, secondary, and closets

–         Accessible routes into and through covered units

–         Technical requirements for route widths and level changes

–         Reach ranges for light switches, outlets, thermostats, etc.

PART 2: Thursday, December 2nd (8:30am – 12:15pm CST with one 15-minute break)

FHA Requirement 6: Reinforced Walls for Grab Bars

–         Discrepancies between FHA and ANSI

–         Technical requirements for blocking

–         Technical requirements for grab bar locations

FHA Requirement 7:  Usable Kitchens

–         Clear floor space requirements at appliances

–         Clearance between countertops, appliances, and walls

–         Clearance requirements for u-shaped kitchens

FHA Requirement 7: Usable Bathrooms

–         General requirements for a usable bathroom

–         “Spec A” bathrooms

–         “Spec B” bathrooms

–         Technical requirements and examples

Risk Management & Practical Examples

–         Interactive discussion and reviewing real-world examples

–         Summarizing ways to avoid non-compliance

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Dec 01 2021 - Dec 02 2021


8:30 am - 12:15 pm



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