11/01-03/2021 – American Planning Association Cross-Chapter Collaborative (APAC3*21) – Fort Worth, TX

Kristi Avalos will be speaking on Tuesday, November 2nd at 10:30 am CST at the APAC3*21 Conference at the Omni Hotel Fort Worth.

Topic: Master Planning Accessibility

As communities are taxed with responding to economic challenges brought on by the pandemic, it is imperative that they look for creative ways to save funds. A great deal of time and money could be saved by adding the development of their Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) transition plan to their master planning process. The ADA transition plan is basically a master plan for accessibility.  Master planners with ADA specialists on their team would be a unique way to allow the city’s money to go further by “killing two birds” with one Request for Proposals (RFP).  An added benefit of having a transition plan is that it opens significant funding opportunities while greatly reducing the likelihood of access-related complaints and costly litigation.

This presentation will provide details of the similarities and differences between master plans and ADA transition plans as well as creative ideas, advantages, and potential cost savings brought about by developing the two plans simultaneously.

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Nov 01 2021 - Nov 03 2021

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