10/28-29/2021 – Convention, Sports, & Entertainment Facilities (CSEF) Conference – San Diego, CA

Kristi Avalos will be speaking at the CSEF Conference in San Diego, California.

Topic: “Don’t Forget Accessibility in your Flexible Designs!”  

Flexible design is on everyone’s minds these days as opportunities to attend events in person and virtually have become not only important, but necessary. Though there is no substitute for the enjoyment and comradery of “being there,” online access to entertainment, conferences, and events has assuredly made it easier for many individuals with disabilities to participate, especially those with mobility challenges. But as new virtual doors are opened, it is critically important for event planners to provide access in their flexible designs to offer online participation for people with different types of disabilities, including individuals with vision and hearing impairments.

This presentation is about embracing accessibility as an opportunity to increase participation at in-person and virtual events as you create a welcoming and inclusive environment for the growing population of individuals with disabilities. Creative ideas will be shared to address accessibility through flexible design.

Participants will also gain an in-depth knowledge of both state and federal access requirements and how these overlapping laws work together. They will learn:

  • About tools needed to continue eligibility for federal funding and protect themselves from potential access related complaints or litigation.

  • How to plan access in advance and avoid costly after-the-fact resolutions.

  • The most often missed access elements and the most vulnerable areas of compliance.

  • How construction can change the plan and leave a project non‐

  • How maintenance affects the usability and compliance.

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Oct 28 2021 - Oct 29 2021

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