07/13-16/2024 – “Providing Access for People with Disabilities” – 2024 NATEAC Conference

Kristi Avalos is speaking on this topic at the North American Theatre, Engineering, and Architecture Conference hosted at the New York City College of Technology on Sunday, 7/14/24 from 10:20AM-11:20AM EST.

Course Description:

This presentation is about embracing accessibility through compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as an opportunity to increase participation at theatre events, as you will learn how to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for people with disabilities. This group includes a growing aging population who can find it challenging to navigate through physical barriers that often exist in theaters. The ADA can be an intimidating labyrinth of complexities for even seasoned experts who are responsible for complying with it. Kristi Avalos, who has 40+ years of accessibility experience, will sift through the vast confusion as she shares answers to the hardest questions surrounding the ADA.


Jul 13 2024 - Jul 16 2024

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