05/10-13/2021 – Making Accessible Design Beautiful @ the Interior Design Show 2021 Spring Resiliency Virtual Conference

This session provides Health, Safety, Welfare Design credits  (LU/HSW).

Kristi Avalos will present this topic at the Interior Design Show 2021 Spring Resiliency Virtual Conference.

Session Overview:

Accessibility, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, often appears to be an unsightly afterthought to fulfill the letter of the law. However, when access is intentionally built in the plans, the design can be functional, accessible, and beautiful! Through this presentation attendees, from emerging professionals to senior level leadership, will learn how the principles of accessible design can be attractive and at the same time beneficial in all design contexts, and can generate an often overlooked marketing opportunity for the firms that embrace it. Creating beautiful design that everyone can enjoy changes lives as it opens vast opportunities that were once closed to many. It’s about making a difference.
Information will be shared regarding innovative strategies in design projects that create access solutions which exceed minimum standards without adding additional costs. Where greater access is achievable, complaints and lawsuits are averted, and positive publicity is generated.

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May 10 2021 - May 13 2021

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