05/09-12/2022 – Virtual National ADA Symposium

Kristi Avalos will be presenting at the Virtual National ADA Symposium on the following topics:

Topic 1: “Healthcare and the ADA: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You”

Healthcare facilities can fall under a variety of accessibility laws depending on how they are funded. One thing is for certain though. Regardless of where you are in the country or how you are funded, the Americans with Disabilities Act applies to far more than just the buildings. Every program offered, every person hired, every door or space owned or leased, and every piece of diagnostic machinery will have some kind of requirement under the ADA. And don’t forget about the impact this law must have on your emergency plan.

Are you prepared to serve 100% of the people who come to you for help or just “most” of them? It takes thought. It takes passion. It takes compassion. It takes a plan. Come learn how the ADA really affects the Healthcare industry, the areas that are being challenged in legal cases, and how you can protect your facility.

Topic 2: “Where Accessible Design in Higher Education Meets Budget Constraints”

Budgetary constraints are on everyone’s minds while planning for renovations of aging education facilities. The requirement to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) seems like adding insult to injury where funding is concerned.

But are you aware that there are significant monetary benefits to ADA compliance for higher education institutions?  They include:

  • Assuring that education institutions retain existing federal funding

  • Making them eligible for new funds from federal grants that more and more often are being tied to ADA compliance

  • Increasing the numbers of tuition-paying students as it opens doors to a growing population of students with disabilities to be able attend

  • Greatly reducing the possibility of access-related complaints and litigation

In this session, participants will learn how to create greater access in higher education with a new and innovative approach that focuses on exceeding minimum standards without adding additional costs.


May 09 2022 - May 12 2022

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