04/30/2021 – Reimagining Accessible Design @ the Texas ASLA 2021 Conference

Kristi Avalos will be presenting this topic at the Texas American Society of Landscape Architects 2021 Conference in Galveston, Texas.

Session Overview:

COVID-19 restrictions have brought a heightened interest in reimagining beautiful outdoor “escape” areas. Embracing accessibility in these landscape designs offers freedom of access and enjoyment to everyone, including people with disabilities, and provides opportunities to serve the community better. This session presents the principles of accessible design as applied in landscape architecture that can be beneficial in all design contexts and generate an often overlooked marketing opportunity for firms that embrace it.
Information will be shared regarding innovative strategies in landscape architecture that create access solutions which exceed minimum standards without adding additional costs.
Since accessibility is not just for those with physical disabilities, creative ideas will be introduced to consider far more than just the visual beauty of landscape design in order to provide an enjoyable outdoor experience for people with other types of disabilities, such as vision impairments. This will include the splashing sounds of the water features and the lovely fragrance of the foliage.
Participants will learn:
  1. In-depth information regarding both state and federal access requirements as they pertain to exterior environments and how these overlapping laws work together.
  2. The top ten common mistakes to avoid with ADA compliance and architectural landscaping, including the most often missed access elements and the most vulnerable areas of compliance.
  3. Minimum requirements (surrounding ramps, curbs, and entryways) for newly designed or renovated state and local government facilities, public accommodations, and commercial facilities.
  4. How to create ADA-compliant entry concepts with broad appeal, avoiding unsightly accessibility features, by combining function, consideration, and creativity.
  5. How to plan access in advance and avoid costly after-the-fact resolutions and how to protect themselves from potential access-related complaints or litigation.

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Apr 30 2021


10:00 am - 11:00 am

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