04/15-16/2021 – Emergency Management, How to Include and Protect Citizens with Disabilities @ the ICMA Midwest Regional Conference

Kristi Avalos will be presenting this topic at the virtual International City/County Management Association (ICMA) Midwest Regional Conference.

Session Overview:

Emergencies are equal opportunity occurrences in communities as they impact citizens with and without disabilities.  It is vitally important that communities prepare so that they will have solutions to draw from in emergencies while maintaining a person’s dignity at all times.
Information will be provided regarding how to plan for individuals with specific needs, which includes those with mobility, visual, hearing, and cognitive impairments as well as for people whose survival requires medical equipment. Accessible evacuation plans and shelters will also be addressed along with laws regarding service animals.
Attendees will learn about questions that can and cannot be asked of people with disabilities and about politically correct disability-related terminology.

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Apr 15 2021 - Apr 16 2021

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