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Accessology has formed a close alliance with national organizations who represent Independent Living Centers and with agencies and associations affiliated with the ADA: Opening Doors Committee, the National Council on Disability, the Texas Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities, World Council on Disabilities, DREDF and several local Mayor’s Committees on People with Disabilities, and state Governor’s Committees on People with Disabilities as well as strategic alliances with government offices and officials who are responsible for enforcement and technical assistance for the American’s with Disabilities Act. Through this alliance, Accessology keeps informed of the upcoming disability related regulations as well as national committees formed for regulatory amendments and all four stages of the proposed regulation process. We ensure the design community, the business community, and the disability community have the opportunity to comment on laws as they are being developed in Washington.

Accessology has also cultivated a close alliance with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, as noted above, and is authorized by them to provide architectural plan reviews and final inspections of completed construction projects. Therefore, we feel confident we are able to get quick and accurate answers to questions about accessibility from both a federal (ADA) point of view and a state (TAS) point of view. This ensures that our clients will be in compliance to the most stringent of regulations, whenever there are regulatory differences.

We pride ourselves in specializing in only one area; Accessibility. We keep in touch with a variety of organizations and stay on top of any state or federal legislative work regarding disability and access issues. We are confident that if we can not answer a question we will certainly know where to get the answer.